On Wednesday, Dan and Susan spoke to their doctors and confirmed that Susan has Peritoneal Mesothelioma cancer.  

This type of cancer is quite rare.

They met with the Cancer Center to discuss the results, a possible surgery date and possible

treatment options.  

There are still questions to be asked, and they are asking a lot of them, with answers to follow.  

The immediate prayer needs remain the same: relief of the pain Susan is experiencing;

a clear diagnosis and understanding of the this cancer; patience to take one day at a time;

and that God continues to hold Dan and Susan in His healing hands.  


Addendum for August 10 from John Welty


 The good news is that Susan’s pain and great discomfort is being managed to provide relief.
As difficult as this time is, we need to rely upon our Lord and trust in His Will.

John T. Welty

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