Devotional Monday

“WATCH YOUR MOUTH!” is a phrase my siblings and I heard frequently from our parents during our developmental years. “WATCH YOUR MOUTH!” was used as a reminder for my siblings and I to stay within the communication boundaries of discipline, respect, honesty, and positivity established by our parents. I can only recall the phrase being used when we went contrary to our parents’ directives or if our words went against God’s commands. 

Similar to a parent reminding a child to evaluate their words, God informs his children the power of their words and the importance of choosing words wisely. With our tongues we either speak; life or death, victory or defeat, insecurity or confidence, weakness or strength, trust or doubt, but whatever you say, be prepared to eat the fruit of your words. 
There have probably been times in your life when you’ve said things that were hurtful towards yourself and others. When that happens it is vital to seek and receive God’s forgiveness, repent and thoughtfully give attention to your words from that point on. 

It all starts with watching our mouth because the words we speak have long lasting impact directly connected to our present and future circumstances. You’d be surprised how your words are effecting your situation. 

Scripture reveals several accounts regarding individuals either watching their mouths or carelessly using words. In both cases we are shown the effect of the tongue’s power. Words can teach, encourage and uplift. They also can discourage, reject and demean. Words can express gratitude, love, and joy. They also can express selfishness, hate and despondency. Our aim is to speak what God says about our situations and not what our inconsistent emotions want us to declare. 

No matter what is going on in your life today, it’s time to “WATCH YOUR MOUTH!” Don’t get distracted by the trial or the mirage that nothing will change, begin declaring God’s word. This is a work in progress that requires discipline, trust, and faith. But once you begin to get in the rhythm of using your words wisely in thanksgiving and praise to God, when the wrong words try to come out, you will be able to take action and bounce back to God’s words. Speak life and watch your mouth!

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Devotional Tuesday

Proverbs 21:30 states that there is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD. Believers should be mindful that God’s omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent power eradicates all attempts to conceal truth before Him. 

God is aware of your heart, intentions and words. God even knows what you are going to say before you say it. (Psalm 139:4) Our hearts and mouths are closely interconnected and require constant inspection to ensure acceptability in God’s sight. Our words reveal what our heart is full of, which is either the fruit of goodness or wickedness. 

God hears and discerns the heart of individuals who: 

Encourage or Mock

Love or Hate

Plot evil or Plan goodwill 

Speak harshly or Show Love

Belittle others or Lift others up

Disrespect God-given relationships and authority or Honor loved ones and respect authority.

What is in one’s heart eventually comes out of their mouth. In scripture we read about the account of Ananias and Sapphira. During the time the apostles were testifying about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there were believers who were owners of land and houses. The believers sold their property and brought their entire sale profit to the apostles. The favor, kindness and love that the believers showed to the apostles supported the apostles’ ministry and needs. 

Ananias and Sapphira also sold a piece of property and kept back some of the earnings bringing only a portion of the profit and set it at the apostles’ feet. Both Ananias and Sapphira knew that the amount given to the apostles was not the entire profit from their sale. Although they had complete control on their giving amount, their hearts were deceitful in their actions which exposed insincerity. Ananias died and his body was carried out and buried. But when Peter questioned Sapphira hours later about the sale of their land, Sapphira declared the established lie discussed with her husband continuing on with deceit and hypocrisy therefore triggering her immediate death. Ananias and Sapphira didn’t lie to the apostles but they lied to God. 

Sapphira didn’t watch her mouth although given the opportunity to speak truth and examine her heart. This is a lesson for us that God sees our hearts and hears what comes out of our mouths. What is your heart full of? What is coming out of your mouth? Are your words and heart’s meditations pleasing before God?

Watch your mouth!

Devotional Wednesday

The words that flow from your mouth contain the power to bless or curse. Regardless of your circumstance be cognizant of the words you speak. In scripture the Shunammite woman serves as an excellent example for individuals to follow in guarding one’s mouth in the midst of difficulty. 

In Shunem there lived a woman who was prominent and influential. When Elisha would pass through the town, the Shunammite woman showed great hospitality by providing a fully furnished dwelling place for him. Mindful of the Shunammite woman’s genuine kindness, Elisha sought to thank and bless her in return. Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, stated that she had no son and her husband was old. Elisha spoke a blessing over her that changed the course of her life. She conceived and gave birth to a son the following year. 

Over a period of time the Shunammite woman’s son told his father about a possible headache he was experiencing and was carried to his mother. The Shunammite woman held her son and then he died. For a parent to witness and experience the death of their child is an indescribable feeling that only God’s grace and comforting power can alleviate them from, but in the midst of pain, fear, depression, anxiety and alarm she was very careful to WATCH HER MOUTH as she sought after the Man of God who declared this promise to her. 

The Shumammite woman guarded her mouth as she carried her son and laid him on the bed and shut the door. She guarded her mouth when she requested transportation from her husband to pursue the Man of God. When her husband asked her the purpose of her visit to Elisha, she replied, “It will be all right.” The Shunammite woman was speaking life into her situation. 

She guarded her mouth when Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, approached her and questioned her regarding the well-being of herself, her husband and the child, but she answered, “It is well.” 

Even when she approached Elisha and took hold of his feet, she guarded her mouth and didn’t speak death. Elisha prayed to the LORD and the Power of God through the willingness of Elisha resulted in the healing of her son. 

What a powerful example to follow! Even in the midst of trials and tribulations guard your lips, speak God’s word and watch your mouth!


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