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Under the Authority of Jesus by Pastor Jeremy Collins

June 11, 2023 ~ Matthew 21:12-27

What is the usual complaint about teenagers? They constantly rebel against authority. Their parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and youth pastors; "teens won't listen to anyone." However, the truth is that we all reject authority, most often in favor of our own rules.

In our passages today, we see how Jesus, being God in the flesh, had to execute the authority given to him by the Father. He cleansed the temple, healed the blind and the lame, and cursed a fig tree.

At first glance, these are very different stories, or at least stories with different applications to the life of believers today. However, when you take a closer look, a valuable lesson is seen because all teach us about living under the authority of Jesus.

  • When you live under the authority of Jesus, it becomes clear that you care for the hurting, the broken, and those who are separated from God. You don't take advantage of them.

  • When you live under the authority of Jesus, your life bears fruit that brings about other life.

  • When you live under the authority of Jesus, you seek truth instead of satisfying your greed.

On the issue of living under authority, Jesus has more to teach us! This coming Sunday, we will continue to learn about living under God's authority and see the flow of grace when His authority is blocked and rejected.

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