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FPCB Cemeteries includes the East Cemetery
behind First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown and
the West Cemetery across Route 8.

Bakerstown Cemetery West_edited_edited.jpg
East Cemetery Aerial_1_edited.jpg

A Little History

Little is known about the founding of Bakerstown East, the cemetery directly behind the FPCB Sanctuary, but some of the founders of our 150-year-old church are buried there.


The cemetery across Route 8, known as Bakerstown Cemetery or Bakerstown West, was chartered on September 18, 1897, by Hugh G. Alison, William H. Heckert, William Scott, David S. Dickson, and L.M. Allen. When it became too much to manage, Samuel H. Allen gifted the property to FPCB on February 5, 1965, along with a trust fund to provide for perpetual care. Later, legal questions arose that led to the merger of the cemetery and the church on February 17, 1992.

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