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Children's Ministry


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Our goal is to nurture children in the love and truth of Jesus Christ. To teach them who Jesus is and how Jesus is part of their everyday lives.

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Associate Pastor Jeremy Collins

What's Next

Come join us:

Sunday Morning Services / 10 AM

*We offer childcare during worship for infants through 3-year-old children. See anyone with a name tag for directions to the childcare room.

Our Trinity Kids program is for kindergarten through third grade and held during worship each Sunday during Lent.

Student Information Sheet
Mission Statement

Why we exist as Children's Ministry

* To nurture the children of our church and community in the love and truth of Jesus Christ, fostering in them a desire to follow and obey Christ.

* To support the baptismal vows of parents.

Vision Statement

What we plan to do to serve our purpose

* To give children a solid biblical foundation upon which they can make faithful choices for the rest of their lives by:

Equipping/encouraging parents in parenting,

providing a balanced spiritual diet that includes Salvation, Bible Knowledge, Worship, Christian Friendships, Personal Outreach, Christian Service/Missions, Church Commitment, Spiritual Disciplines of Prayer, Stewardship, and Scripture Memorization.

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