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Are You Ready for The Groom? by Pastor Paul Becker

As you read, click each link to test what is taught at FPCB. (1 Jn 4:1)

The parable of the Ten Virgins shows how a Jewish Wedding is a picture of the second coming of Christ. The parable ties other scriptures together and offers a foreshadowing of an event in Revelation 19:6-10: the marriage feast of Christ and his Bride, which is the church. Here is a sampling of the parable’s connections to other scriptures:

  • The Groom asks the bride’s Father and the Bride for her hand in marriage. (Jn 6:37, Rev 3:20)

  • The Groom offers a pledge of his intention by providing an engagement gift to the Bride.

  • The engagement pledge is binding. (Eph 1:13-14)

  • The Groom goes away to prepare a place for his bride, and it is often attached to his Father’s house. (John 14:3)

  • When the Groom completes preparations for the “place,” and the Father completes the arrangements for the wedding feast, the Father announces the wedding. (Mt 24:36)

  • The Father sends his Son to return to the town, and his groomsmen announce the coming of the Groom. (Mt 24:31)

  • In the meantime, the bridal party has been waiting, and bridesmaids are supplied with oil to maintain all-night vigils, ready to walk through darkened streets to the wedding feast. (Mt 24:42)

  • The Groom’s party, followed by the Bridal Party, followed by guests, enters the feast.

  • The feast celebrates the union of the Groom and the Bride. (Rev 19:7)

What is the take-home message of the parable?

  • Believe it or not, Christ is coming again.

  • Live today as if Jesus is coming today.

  • Examine your discipleship: Are you keeping vigil with other disciples, with a supply of prayer, God’s Word, and obedience in your contribution to making other disciples? This is how you tend your lamp like the wise virgins in the parable.

  • Do not despair in the Lord’s delay as he is patient for people to repent of sin (2 Pet 3:8-9)

  • Do not diminish the sacraments by reducing them to rites of passage, family tradition, or even personal benefits. The sacraments are more than personal; they unite and build the body of Christ. Baptism is an outward sign of Christ’s pledge of union to each believer and the larger body of the Church. The Lord’s Supper foreshadows the union of Christ and the Church at the wedding feast described in Revelation 19:6-10.

Sunday worship is a way to wait with trimmed lamps for the coming of Christ. It also puts us on the path to the feast of the Lord’s Table. In the Sundays that come, may you be blessed to see the glory of the Lord in our assemblies.

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