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Ever Ready and Energized by Al Wettach

As we continue journeying with Luke through chapter four; we encounter Peter and John right after the healing of the lame man by the Beautiful Gate. They are seized by the captain of the Temple Guard and held over for trial in front of the Sanhedrin. Appearing in court is a daunting experience but let me paint a picture of what a trail in front of the Sanhedrin looked like. If like me you watched too many episodes of Law and Order, you can picture an American courtroom; judge in front, prosecution and defense on either side, and jury separated off to one side. However, with the Sanhedrin you the defendant are in the center, surrounded by the court; you literally can be attacked from all sides. So how did Peter and John deal with this? Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, made their defense. Peter stood boldly in the spirit and defended faith in Christ; doubling down say that there is only one way to heaven, and that way is Christ. He stood against all opposition in the same way we must, in Christ.

John and Peter then returned to the gathering of followers that would come to be known as the church and shared their story; not seeking any glory for themselves but praising God, and the followers responded with prayer. They prayed for boldness. What would the church look like today if we gathered and prayed for boldness? Individual and collective boldness in the spirit? Far too many Christians are more concerned with who the next President will be and how that will affect their bottom line than there are who realize and act on the fact that the only answer to the ills of the world is the person of Jesus Christ and then pray boldly for boldness in their faith. The church of that day did, and the spirit responded. They were of one mind in their prayer and were filled by the Spirit; filled in the same way we would be, with all they needed to accomplish the task laid before them, and the church responded.

Pray boldly for boldness that we may join God in the work prepared for us, that we may spread the love of God through our actions and words that the Gospel message be spread to the ends of the earth.

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