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Mountains Weren't Moved, the World Was by Pastor Paul Becker

February 19, 2023

Matthew 17: 14-23. On Sunday, we heard the story about a father who asked Jesus to heal his seizure-stricken son. The father reported that the disciples saw his son and couldn't heal him. Jesus turned to his disciples and expressed his frustration toward them. Then turning to the boy, Jesus rebuked a demon; the demon came out, and the boy was healed.

The disciples demonstrated humility by asking Jesus why they weren't effective. Can you imagine a world where Christians and congregations posture themselves before Jesus to ask why their ministries aren't effective? Jesus said to his disciples, "Because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

This scripture story is not about how to cast out demons or how to move mountains. This story is about "little faith" and "mustard seed faith."

  • Little faith believes in a God that has limits. Little faith resigns in the low points of ministry.

  • Mustard seed faith believes in a God of life, power, growth, and fruitfulness. Mustard seed faith perseveres to see God at work, even when it progresses at a rate that can not be perceived.

After Jesus diagnosed the spiritual health of his disciples, he reminded them again that he would be betrayed into the hands of men and be killed. And then, Jesus gave them new information: He said he would be "raised up." The disciples did not understand what Jesus meant by being "raised up." Now, here's the deal: When the disciples witnessed the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, you can bet they remembered these words!

The resurrection - your belief in the resurrection - puts you into a class of disciples with mustard-seed faith that produces kingdom results. Looking at the disciples in the Book of Acts, we see men whose little faith grew into mustard-seed faith. In Acts, they offered their small measures of mustard-seed faith to the world, and instead of moving mountains, they moved the world with the gospel of Christ. So, where are you on the resurrection and the God who makes new life possible? Your answer to this question will put you into the category of having little faith in a limited God or mustard-seed faith in a God who produces new life, growth, and fruit.

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