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The God Who Sees You by Pastor Paul Becker

May 14, 2023 ~ Genesis 16

Mom, you are special in many ways, and yet, there are times when being a mom is a blessing and other times when you feel invisible or even used. The story of Hagar in Genesis 16 assures you that you are not invisible to God. So, let’s review the story of Hagar.

The chapter starts with a story about Abram and Sarai, who are caught in the dilemma of remaining faithful to God. Earlier in Genesis, God spoke to Abram and offered a covenant requiring Abram and Sarai to leave their home and families to begin a faith journey. God promised Abram three things:

  • Land upon which to live;

  • Generations of children who would become a nation; and

  • A promise of blessing those who blessed Abram and cursing those who cursed him.

Abram took his steps of faith in God’s promises, and Sarai did too. Many years passed, and their expectations of having children were not fulfilled. Sarai aged past her child-bearing years. Attempting to be a “good wife,” she offered her servant Hagar as a surrogate to Abram. Abram reluctantly took the offer, and Hagar became pregnant. You need to remember that the idea of another woman in the picture was not uncommon in those days. The plan turned sour. Sarai accused Abram of being responsible for acting on the offer of Hagar. He could have refused and said, “Thank you, but we must trust God, just as we have been doing the last ten years.” He allowed Sarai to do what she wanted with Hagar to compensate for his lack of regard for his wife’s feelings.

Taking steps of faith in God’s leading isn’t easy, and failing leads to conflict. Abram and Sarai used a worldly solution to solve a dilemma of faith. If we are honest with ourselves, when we become weary of waiting on God, we are tempted to take matters into our own hands, wondering if we are the ones to act in faith to make something good happen. Conflict and strife occur when we cast aside God’s order for life. Sarai treated Hagar horribly. And though she was pregnant, Hagar fled.

The story of Hagar is for everyone, especially Moms. We’ve all felt used, abused, or invisible to the people around us. Hagar fled to a stream where she heard her name spoken by the Angel of the Lord, who is Jesus (click here to know more). She was instructed to return to Sarai and to submit to her authority. Jesus also told her that she would have a son and many generations after her. This was good news, meaning she had a future with a family who would care for her! Jesus led her to a journey of faith, giving her a place in the story of God’s people.

This story delivers a name for God that only appears once in scripture. “You are El-Roi,” Hagar said, “In this place, have I actually seen the one who sees me?” El-Roi is a Hebrew name that means “The God who sees you.”

Moms: Jesus knows your name; He sees you, your needs, and your situations; Keep the faith on the hard days and know that God sees you.

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